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Reciprocity ROI, LLC (Reciprocity) was started in December 2016 by Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist, Paul Claxton. After a lot of research and experience, Paul saw an opportunity to help companies think differently in the effort of achieving higher, long-term Return On Investment (ROI).

Our work has resulted in numerous examples where we have helped companies across the world reach their goals and achieve measurable results through the most treasured metrics for businesses which are saved time, saved money and money generated. 

Today we work across the globe serving companies who desire to scale or build strategy within areas of emerging technologies because we believe that it is the emerging technology ecosystem which will move innovation forward in support of global sustainability.


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Innovation is all about upwards and forwards movement so that we can achieve new heights and more mileage in less time while working within cost efficient strategies and systems that help you derisk so you can really  scale and help your business fly.

We help your business fly

Some of the top brands we have worked with...this could be you too

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US Navy Research Laboratory: Case Study

It was a pleasure collaborating with Paul Claxton and his firm (Reciprocity ROI, LLC) during my time at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (USNRL) in 2019 and 2020.


With Paul’s collaboration, we had the opportunity to significantly increase our capacity in delivering on the expectations of our $1.2 billion internationally acclaimed scientific technology development programs in support of current and future fleet requirements.


Paul and Reciprocity ROI, LLC offered direct support for USNRL allocations covering over $500,000 in budgeted procurement needs for our staffing requirements in the areas of cyber security, software engineering, and project management.


I believe Paul and Reciprocity ROI, LLC own a fantastic understanding of trends associated with economic factors affecting staffing needs in the areas of the public sector (government contracting) and private sector markets.


Seniors, subordinates, and peers in my field would tell me that Paul exemplifies all qualities of a leader and exhumes knowledge in multiple fields. I also believe he challenges the status quo for the advancement and welfare of his clients. I believe that developing quality relationships with industry prospects and competitors is the responsibility of every professional, and Paul Claxton’s consistent devotions to that end are an excellent framework model to emulate.

Commander, Scott Miller, US Navy, Retired, Chief Information Officer, Bland & Associates, P.C.

More Case Studies Are Available Upon Request Where Relevant and Permitting Confidential  Obligations

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